UN Report Shows – World Currently On Track For 2.7°C Warming By 2100

“By 2030, according to the report, the world will have used three-quarters of its “carbon budget” — the amount of carbon allowed into the atmosphere to stay below the 2° C limit — and nations will need to revisit and strengthen their pledges. As Chris Mooney at the Washington Post points out, total annual emissions, however, are set to increase under current INDCs, from 48 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2010 to 55 gigatons in 2025 and 57 gigatons in 2030.”

Looks like determination to get commitment, between as many countries as possible, whether or not it will be adequate. It’s about need to reduce annual emissions, pitched like eating less, so that we’re less obese in future years. But it’s different, big time, like standing on tip toes, unable to get out of a deep pool of water, while level keeps rising. To prevent mass loss of life, we need to get to zero emissions, quickly, with much surplus energy to extract GHG’s from atmosphere, down to safe 350ppm. “There’s no other way” to borrow quote from high priests of neo-liberal economics.

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