Not stop climate change by Reducing emissions alone : new research

Based on current greenhouse gas emissions, the world is on track for 4C warming by 2100…
2 papers published today… first…shows, to limit warming below 2C…remove some carbon from the atmosphere, no matter how strongly we reduce emissions… second, shows, even if we can remove enough CO2 to keep warming below 2C…not restore the oceans to state…before altering atmosphere…In IPCC high scenario, RCP8.5, emissions continue to grow from our present rate of 37 billion tonnes of CO2 per year to about 100 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2100, when atmospheric CO2 levels are projected to be 950 ppm. This scenario assumes little mitigation of our carbon emissions…Present emissions are tracking close to the highest scenario (RCP8.5).
We have two options by which to reduce emissions, the first through reducing the use of fossil fuel energy, and the second through Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)… technologies that remove CO2, the primary greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere…exact level of CDR depends…emissions reduction achieved, from 2 billion to 10 billion tonnes of CO2each year in most optimistic scenario, to between 25-40 billion tonnes CO2 each year in lowest emission reduction case. This is equivalent to current total global emissions. The study also suggests that requirements for CDR may indeed be even higher if unanticipated natural carbon cycle (positive) feedbacks were to occur. While reducing carbon emissions is safest…it’s likely that some CDR will still be required
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