Electric Vehicles news updates, provided by BZE

Quite a lot of interesting EV stuff (including autonomous element) in news at the moment. With mobile technologies, EVs and autonomous cars plus traffic pressure, our whole transport model is very obviously going to change although it’s obviously not obvious to the power that be Smile
Tesla Model S (fanciest version) virtually autosteerable on motorways
They’re only awaiting the solution of a very specific problem:
“Final corner case is low contrast lane markings (faded white on grey concrete) while driving into sun at dusk,” 
World’s fastest-charging electric bus (10 seconds to go 5 km) debuts in China
Delivery by year-end of 3,500 “Micro Public Transport” EVs to two Chinese cities 
Opoli Rideshare (similar to Uber) in San Diego getting 50 BYD e6 EVs (BYD – Build Your Dreams is a Chinese company)
Toyota i-Road 3-wheeler
(I imagined a “car” like this would come into existence before I saw it today.)
Daimler EV user study over 620,000 miles
Where to put Queensland’s first EV charge station (yes, it’s all happening in Australia)

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