Urgenda2 – climate case win against the Dutch Government



More detail about this really  inspirational presentation. Such an unlikely story was explained by sequence of events:

– big recruitment campaign, mass gathering email addresses, during 2009 International Climate Change Day

-investigation, leading to successful prepay, delivery and install of 50,000 solar PV systems

– proceeds enabled other activities, exploration of legal angles being just one

– conventional wisdom judged it  a “hopeless case” but winning case was that, much as we expect that even our toothless EPA can enforce The Law, to protect Citizens from seriously polluting excesses of big business, in exactly the same way, The Law protects us, from excesses and recalcitrance, outranking Policies of government of the day.

– Exact penalties are yet to be determined but currently serving politicians and civil servants are liable if it can  be demonstrated that their conduct was inadequate, and/or guilty of “wilful blindness”, disregarding current science, international legal precedents and other data leading to future catastrophe caused by climate change.

– following the win, almost immediately, RET for Nederlands increased from 4 to 25% by 2020.

At Q&A time, one local government councillor asked the panel if, other than a citizen group, a local government body, might have equal or stronger status against State or Federal government? Another, especially in apprehension of ISID powers of impending TPP, asked if attention is needed, sooner rather than later, to foreign owned power stations paying royalty more sensible than less than $1/tonne brown coal.


Environmental Justice Australia and Melbourne University Law School Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law are pleased to present a seminar with Ms Marjan Minnesma, the Director of The Urgenda Foundation. Ms Minnesma’s piece ‘Australia; Leader or Laggard?’ will also include information on Dutch organisation Urgenda’s recent landmark climate change case in the Netherlands.

Co-founder and director of Urgenda, Marjan Minnesma has been named ‘most influential person in the field of sustainability’ in the Netherlands in three consecutive years (2011-2013) by newspaper Trouw. Marjan has worked in the business and NGO world, as well as for leading Dutch universities, amongst others as the director of the Institute for Transitions at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Urgenda’s climate case forced the Dutch government to adopt more stringent climate policies, requiring them to take more effective climate action to reduce the Netherlands’ share of global emissions. This is the first time a court has ordered a state to take precautions against climate change.

>more> Envirojustice

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