New Research Warns Of Catastrophic Food Shortages Due To Unchecked Climate Change

…global warming and related extreme weather will combine to create devastating food price shocks in coming decades, with potential for corn prices to increase a staggering 500% by 2030…As for political impacts, those are a straightforward extension of what’s already happened. As The Economist explained back in February 2011 during Arab Spring, “The high cost of food is one reason that protesters took to the streets in Tunisia and Egypt.” (of course it’s water and food shortages that led to street protest, harsh suppression and civil war in Syria and now Yemen – BM)…”So we can sit on our hands waiting for this scenario to play out in real life — or we can act strongly and swiftly with foresight science gives us to 1) slash carbon pollution ASAP to minimize its chances of occurring and 2) start doing serious adaptation to minimize its impact when it does. It isn’t really that hard a choice(precautions needed to be able to double agricultural output, unless(!) we can halve world population)

>more> ThinkProgress

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