Dutch Court does UNTHINKABLE!! on Carbon Emissions

It’s illegal to knowingly ignore the dangers of global warming…The Hague District Court agreed with the more than 900 plaintiffs, organized by the sustainability advocacy group Urgenda, that the Dutch government has taken “insufficient action against climate change.” The plaintiffs had asked the court to prompt the Dutch government to lower emissions 25 to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, so the court’s decision comes down on the low end of that request…Environmental advocates lauded the decision, saying that more rulings could be expected in other countries…“We had thought the legal system would not want to interfere in the political debate. But the scientific case is so strong, and the dangers so high that the court has ruled that the state is failing to adequately protect its citizens from the effects of climate change,” Pier Vellinga, Urgenda’s chairman, told the Guardian…Last year, the Netherlands and the United States agreed not to fund new coal-fired power plants in developing nations. (David Suzuki’s been exploring precedents inlay inherited from UK about crime of “wilful negligence” by politicians – BM)

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