What wind turbine noise?

1. Research measured infrasound [i] and low frequency noise [ii] at residences located 2.7 and 1.8 kilometres from nearest turbine – before any turbines were operating, – when approximately 105 of 140 turbines were operating, – and when all 140 turbines were operating…“This research demonstrates there was no measurable change in the infrasound levels measured before and after construction of Macarthur Wind Farm”

2. Body noises problem in Cochlear Ltd project…microphone implanted subcutaneously behind ear…level of infrasound picked up from the body was a major problem…far exceeded all sound from external sources. In fact turning the head or chewing were some ten times louder than the external sounds we were trying to pick up. Everybody is subjected to far higher internally self-generated natural infrasound levels which clearly, are not a problem.

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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