Energy prices crash as Queensland solar takes hold

Look out Toxic Tony fossil business model unravelled already!


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As Prime Minister Tony Abbott again attacked renewables for their presumed impact on consumer bills, wholesale energy prices in Queensland have slumped to unprecendented lows as rooftop solar continues to boom in that state.

Wholesale electricity prices this week in Queensland have fallen below $30/MWh – see graph below – far below the levels of other states as mild weather and sunny condition reduced demand and generated a large amount of solar electricity.

The dramatic fall in wholesale prices underlines why generators such as the Queensland government-owned Stanwell Corp and CS Energy want the renewable energy target to be brought to an end. Nearly 4,000 households a month are applying to put panels on their roofs in the south-east corner of the state alone, as consumer bills soar again.

Stanwell, which owns more than 4,000GW of coal and gas-fired generation…

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1 Response to Energy prices crash as Queensland solar takes hold

  1. cartoonmick says:

    Most Pollies aren’t dumb. They know what would happen to their sponsorship from many Big Biz corps if they promoted and encouraged the fast development and deployment of renewable energy.
    These Big Biz corps enjoy political protection, make mega profits, and so all is well, except for our environment. And to justify dubious decisions and policies, scientists are demonised and ignored by the spin doctor element.

    This cartoon just about covers it . . . . .


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