Climate Breakdown

About IPCC Climate Summit – “Even when the scientists have agreed, the report must be tempered in another forge, as politicians question anything they find disagreeable: the new report received 1855 comments from 32 governments(1), and the arguments raged through the night before its launch(2).  In other words, it’s perhaps the biggest and most rigorous process of peer review conducted in any scientific field, at any point in human history. The message is both familiar and shattering: “it’s as bad as we thought it was.””

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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2 Responses to Climate Breakdown

  1. cartoonmick says:

    The good old Climate Triangle; Politicians, Scientists, and Mega Businesses involved in pollution.

    Ahh, what a combination, each cuddling and/or combating with one another.
    Each selectively listening to “experts”, each drumming up their cause(s) with “facts”, each hanging on to their side of the triangle and refusing to budge.

    In the meantime, things (ocean acidity, carbon pollution, etc) actually do get worse.
    Is that a problem ? Well, go and sit on your favourite side of the triangle and have a good hard look at the other two sides.
    Someone has to be wrong. Someone’s facts are false.

    Here’s a link to one group which considers it is right. . . . . . .



    • HI Mick, thanks for your response and have reblogged one cartoon for now. For just a hint of encouragement for us all, do you know about Paul Gilding and his experience that people like CEO’s of petrochems feel just as helpless as anybody else, sandwiched between politicians and shareholders who insist on never ending growth. Here’s hoping they fall over a tipping point before any others, cya, B.

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