Colonised by corn

TheAge/Letters – …spooked by the story ”Corn, the new golden crop on Boort farms” (14/2) about corn plantations spreading in Victoria… been reading about how feeding cattle corn gives them liver abscesses; bloating, which can be fatal; diarrhoea; weak immune systems, leading to diseases such as pneumonia; and how cattle must be pumped with antibiotics to stop their diet killing them. This leads to the evolution of super-bugs, which will pass on to us in the food chain. Last but not least, water life is destroyed due to the run-off of heavy amounts of fertiliser needed to grow corn.

I thought we had escaped from going down the US path of growing corn to feed cattle and supply food-technologists with starches for synthesising the non-foods that marketers are training us to eat in great quantities, and causing obesity in the process. But this looks like the beginning of the colonisation of Australia by corn, to the detriment of plant diversity and grazing animals.

>Story which triggered letter above>

How about corn as feedstock for ethanol instead of 90% from Manildra wheat?

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