Climate change denialists have won… for now

Headline above is from Climate Spectator, which usually commands respect, but believe they made a mistake publishing this one. If you’ve already been sucked in, please read below to check less than impartial cred of the author and thank you FOE:

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This is on behalf of local climate change group. Material is selected by Bernie McComb and does not necessarily represent opinion of whole group.
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1 Response to Climate change denialists have won… for now

  1. Brad says:

    Shame you didn’t provide a link to the actual article referred to in the headline, as there are some very good points in it.
    From my knowledge, I have grave concerns about nuclear energy as an option. However when people who have studied these things in more detail than I – and who share my concerns about the gravity if the climate change situation we face – are coming out in favour if nuclear as being an important contributor to the fight against climate change, then perhaps we need to keep our minds open to this. (And I’m not referring to the author, but respected journalists such as George Monbiot.)
    Personally, I believe that we need to create an open discussion on the facts, and simply criticising an author rather than criticising the arguments used by that author risks falling into the realm occupied by climate denialists themselves.
    The FOE article you link to by Jim Green provides some great arguments against and criticisms of the case for nuclear, and some helpful links. But please present these things as such, rather than questioning the credibility or impartiity of the author. And please provide links to the original article so we can make up our minds ourselves.

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