Energy/Wind – Deniers say wind doesn’t work!!

Interviewed this morning on ABC RN, final point from Tim Flannery was that Climate Change Denialism is restricted to just USA, Canada and, of course, Australia. From the lofty heights of The Australian(heart of the Nation), to the least significant blog, they can always find somebody who said they heard a report from somebody, who heard it from somebody else, in somewhere like Denmark, that wind is all a big waste of tax payers’ time and money, when it’s obviously(!) better value when spent on coal fired baseload power.
Meanwhile, coal power availability is never claimed to be better than 75%, which means 25% off line for maintenance.  Now that service providers are free to raise prices, we’re about to experience the legacy of privatisation in Victoria, as expensive investment in new poles, wires and power stations makes up for recent years of just low cost maintenance and profit taking. Also, in heatwave weather, watch for some coal power being temporarily faulty, which raises price, which magically fixes faults, an art form perfected in world’s best practice Enron shenanigans.
About wind, in our backyard, report attached is just simple graphics, showing coast of Victoria is good for average wind speeds of 8metres/sec. Also a performance graph of recent 3000kW rated wind turbine, which just happens to come from Enercon. Nobody has ever claimed that rated full power of wind turbines is available all the time. Nor does it make sense to claim that coal power spends much time delivering 100% of its 75% availability. Graph shows that more than 50% of rated power is available, at average wind speed of 8m/sec. Over and out.

Average wind turbine power in Victoria.

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